“I am always finding myself in a position where I am crafting the job description for entry level, mid level or advanced level positions and feel that the attributes I need are missing from the candidates when the resumes come in….. I am hoping this framework will help me be more focused on how I craft language for positions….” Preeti Gupta, American Museum of Natural History

“Certainly every institution has it’s own idiosyncrasies but communicating patterns of career progression and thinking about competencies could be very helpful to museums big and small, to early career informal STEM workers and to HR and recruitment efforts.” Claire Pillsbury, Exploratorium

“This seems like important work that can help shape the ISE field. So many people “accidentally” fall into work in this field, but then also fall in love and decide to stick around (at least that’s how I did it!). I can see how having a framework like this would be really helpful for encouraging and guiding professional growth.” Anna Hurst, Astronomical Society of the Pacific

“I really appreciate the way you are approaching career pathways in informal science learning, not just looking at one specific kind of role or skill. This effort is so timely, I have encountered so many young professionals in this field ask about how they can progress in the field.” William Spitzer, New England Aquarium

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