How Was It Created?

Three facilitated workshops were held at science centers in different parts of the United States with participants from small, medium, and large science centers and museums and representing different levels of their careers. Results were verified through a national survey and targeted interviews with ISL professionals.

This research informed the content and shape of the framework. Further research is planned  to support the development of resources that will help individuals as well as institutions plan and prioritize professional learning opportunities.

The Framework was presented at a number of national conferences including Association of Science-Technology Centers and the American Alliance of Museums. Feedback further refined the framework and set priorities for continued resource development.

Who Benefits

While the immediate beneficiaries of the Framework will be ISL professionals, the ultimate beneficiaries of the work will be the children, youth, teachers, and members of the general public who engage with STEM experiences designed and implemented by a skilled and knowledgeable ISL professional workforce.

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